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White Flowers

Client Case Study

SaaS company, in business for more than 30 years, stagnant in growth


Challenges & 

  • Little transparency in conversion data, due to Google’s changes

  • Singular demand generation and conversion path

  • Absence of lead nurturing campaigns which resulted in low conversion rate and sales closing rate


  • 50% year over year growth in leads, with one year over 200% when we took over

  • 30% year over year growth in sales opportunities (Sales Qualified Leads), with one year over 50% when we took over

  • 30% year over year growth in sales revenue


  • Establish conversion points through content offers, social sharing

  • Improve conversion rate by building Email Nurturing Workflows

  • Provide Sales Enablement to sales team for higher conversion rate

  • Adopt marketing technology for easy testing, Conversion Rate Optimisation and reporting transparency

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Challenge 1

Little transparency in conversion data, due to Google’s changes

Prior to engagement, there was little to know marketing data, except for traffic. It wasn’t clear how healthy the sales pipeline is, and how much impact each activity or campaign has made to the marketing and sales funnel.

We implemented HubSpot CRM, which provided transparency in conversion data. We were able to see the distribution of contacts in the follow marketing and sales funnel stages:

  • Contacts

  • MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads)

  • SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)

  • Opps (Sales Opportunities)

  • Sales 

This gave us guidance on where to spend more effort to make the biggest impact. The idea is that the marketing funnel should be like a up-side-down pyramid to maintain and improve the conversion rate at each stage.

Challenge 2

Content and Email Marketing Strategy

Prior to the engagement, content were created randomly and there were no strategic email marketing to deliver content to the right people at the right stage in their buyers journey. The only email activity was the monthly newsletters.

As a result, most people in the contact lists were receiving irrelevant content, which resulted low conversion rate (from one stage in the pipeline to the next) and high unsubscription rate.

We injected Buyer’s Journey concept into the marketing strategy. Carefully planned out content creation based on where people are in their buyer’s journey and what would resonate with them the most.

We subsequently delivered content via targeted email campaigns that reach out to different people based on their lead score (a way to measure how warm the lead is or how close they are to making a purchase) delivering the content they care about the most.

With this, we saw a much elevated conversion rate and higher Opportunity generation from traffic.

Challenge 3

Conversion Rate Optimization

The average website visitor spend 3-7 seconds on the site before deciding if they want to stay or leave.

We utilized AB testing and multi-variant testing to find out which version (of UI and UX) on which page converts the best. We continuously tried new methods of testing and new ways of testing to enable the findings of interactions and layouts preferred by visitors.

We got multiple benefits from this:

  • Visitors stay longer and hence are more likely to convert

  • Web interactions increased and the website was consequently deemed as value to Google for SEO values

  • Higher conversion rate meant that with the same amount of traffic (effort), more revenue is generated

Challenge 4

SEO, Keywords Research and Optimization

Previously there were no well-structured SEO strategy. Content generation was based on who was good at writing what. There were content generated based on new product features, but without considering what speaks to the pain points of visitors and what solutions they were searching and seeking.

We implemented keyword strategy, competitor gap analysis to pinpoint exactly what people are searching for, and what the client’s offerings are able to cater to those search queries and needs. Here are the activities we carried out for our SEO efforts:

  • Keyword monitoring and discovery

  • Content strategy based on existing and newly discovered keywords

  • Internal linking structure to create content cluster

  • External linking to provide extra help to visitors to establish our own authority as a go-to place for industry information and solutions


With all the strategies combined. We were able to generate 200% growth in overall contacts and 50% growth in Sales Opportunities (Sales Qualified Leads). We would love to do something amazing for your company too. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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