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Traditional Marketing Methods That Are Still Worth Using Today

The marketing field is constantly evolving, with new tools developing to keep up with evolving consumers. Methods that are popular today, like influencer marketing, didn't even exist a decade ago. While it can be tempting to concentrate on such novel opportunities, don't discount the value of "old school" methods. Dali Marketing is committed to helping companies find the best marketing opportunities for their needs. Read on to find out more.

Traditional marketing methods that are still useful

Many types of marketing that may seem irrelevant at first glance remain powerful today. Flyers, postcards, billboards, and yard signs are all useful forms of local marketing, for example. HubSpot explains that local marketing is all about targeting people within a set geographic area. These kinds of methods are useful because they "find" consumers in a specific location and can then direct them to your business on the spot.

It's crucial to consider the context when using these marketing methods. For example, if you're posting flyers about a community business, you might leverage area community centers, schools, and publications. Other types of "old school" marketing that remain relevant include coupons, which lure people in with the promise of freebies. Email marketing is another older method that still delivers great return on investment—$38 for every $1 spent.

How to integrate your "old school" and modern marketing efforts

Marketing should always be strategic, whatever techniques you're using. Towards this end, it's important to create a comprehensive marketing plan. Venngage explains that a marketing plan will outline your business' marketing goals, describe your current market position, and offer a clear timeline of when your marketing tasks will be completed. It will also track success via key performance indicators, allowing you to tweak your efforts as needed.

When you draft your marketing plan, start by making a list of all the different types of marketing you want to use, from influencer marketing to flyers. Consider your audience and goals for each marketing type. For example, flyers reach local consumers while influencers reach a broader platform. Finally, consider how to create a symbiotic relationship within your marketing plan. The pieces should fit together like a puzzle.

For instance, say you decide you want to focus your marketing on three main channels: your website, social media, and publishing in local newspapers and magazines to reach your local audience. You can create content and repurpose it across platforms. A thought leader article you publish in a newspaper can be adapted to a blog for your website, which you can then push on social media. Identifying these opportunities means streamlined marketing.

Experts who can help you with your marketing

If you aren't a marketing expert yourself, the thought of creating a full-blown marketing plan can be daunting. Further, you may not have the expertise needed in certain types of marketing, especially more novel methods. Don't stress. There are experts to help on every front. Dali Marketing offers comprehensive services covering SEO, content, social media, PPC, and more. They also offer consulting on how to best implement your marketing plans.

When it comes to more niche marketing areas, you can also hire specialist agencies. For example, influencer marketing agencies on Upwork can help you achieve growth by collaborating with social media stars. You can browse agencies on the platform according to points like cost, timeline, and customer reviews. This allows you to find the best provider for the specific job you need done.

Just because a marketing technique is new doesn't mean it's better. Old marketing tools like billboards can still be useful. The key to making any marketing effort work is an effective strategy. Follow the tips above to optimally leverage old and new techniques.

For more content on finding marketing success, visit the Dali Marketing blog.

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