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Online Marketing 101: How To Start A Successful Home Business

Stay home business

Are you a stay-at-home parent looking to increase your savings or simply to have more money to afford a growing family? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of moms and dads go into entrepreneurship for the same reasons. Luckily, we live in the digital age, and online marketing means you can start a business from home and get the word out without ever having to leave your children.

Types Of Businesses For New Parents

There is no right or wrong type of business to go into. But, a good way to start is by freelancing. You might, for example, offer video transcription or graphic design services as a freelancer. Many stay-at-home parents also find success in e-commerce. Both freelancing and running an online shop are both highly competitive, so your online marketing and overall business strategies must be on point. Another idea: act as a consultant. If you have any professional business experience, especially if you’ve served in an executive capacity, you will likely find lots of small businesses are willing to pay for your expertise.

How To Market Your New Business Online

Online marketing is the process of utilizing the internet to get the word out about your business. These days, most consumers look online for new products and services, at least as a starting point. They will also use their search engine of choice to read reviews and compare pricing before making a commitment to your new business.

Your online marketing strategy starts with your website. Dali Marketing is a result-driven online marketing firm that can help with web design, email marketing, and photography. By harnessing these professional services, you can make your website stand out, look better to the search engines, and be more engaging for your customers. You can also utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media ads to get the word out.

Quick Tips For Sustainable Growth

Hire before you need help

As your small business grows, you may find that your two hands aren’t quite enough. Plan to bring in employees before you need them. This will give you an opportunity to train your staff in the ways of your business. Do yourself a favor first, however, and create a timesheet in Excel. Until you grow large enough to warrant employee tracking software, an Excel spreadsheet is a great way to keep up with hours so that everyone gets paid on time. Use a template to get set up if you are not Excel-savvy.

Get in good with your vendors

Your employees can’t keep your operation running if they don’t have raw materials and supplies to do it with. Maintain a healthy relationship with your vendors, even if you aren’t actively ordering from them. Remember, communicate, meet them in person, and always be honest. A quick note every now and then to let them know you haven’t taken your business elsewhere will go a long way toward making sure you get priority service when you need it most.

Stay in touch on social media

As part of your online marketing plan, take control of your online reputation by claiming all of your social media listings. This should include Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. Get a negative review? Trustmary notes that you should never take it personally but you should acknowledge the issue and then apologize. When you’ve made your public apology, invite the unhappy customer off-line for a solution.

Starting a new business begins with learning how to master your online marketing. From building your website and keeping in touch with social media, your business will have a solid foundation for the future. Eventually, this will lead you to hiring employees and building an empire one customer at a time. And it all starts with a desire to have a career that allows you more time at home with those that matter most.

Visit the Dali Marketing blog often for more information on how to use online marketing to your advantage in a competitive business environment.

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