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Is HubSpot Still Relevant Or Effective?

If you need help setting up HubSpot, or connecting HubSpot with Salesforce, please contact us here.

Over the years, HubSpot has been one of the key names when it comes to Inbound Marketing or Digital Marketing. But things have changed, and digital marketing has changed too, is HubSpot still good for digital marketing, and how to best utilise HubSpot as a marketing platform or tool.

HubSpot At The Dawn Of Inbound Marketing

HubSpot branded the term Inbound Marketing, pioneering the notion of driving customers to you, instead of having to do cold outreach. At the beginning the methodology was pretty simple and consisted, in general, of the activities below:

  • Keyword Research

  • Blogging

  • Email Campaign

  • Social Media

  • Content Offers

HubSpot, at that time, provided a holistic approach as far as marketing technology goes, and for the most part, sufficed to provide a one-stop solution for most of your digital marketing needs. They had a built-in keyword research tool, blog integration with analytics, email campaigns with a CRM that tracks customer behaviour, which in turn provides reports on open rates, click through rates, etc.. A hosting solution for your white paper, landing pages, etc..

These have been good marketing solutions for many of the small to medium business, until many more companies with better individual and sectional solutions came about.

HubSpot Now, In The Midst of SalesForce, Wordpress, Magento 2, etc.

HubSpot & SalesForce Integration

Nowadays HubSpot is shifting from trying to compete in the individual solution sector to being a holistic CRM + analytics approach.

There are many companies who have already used SalesForce as their sales and even marketing tool. SalesForce, being as brilliant as it is at providing a sales solution, is lacking the simplicity and analytics when it comes to marketing. Many companies are either put off or hindered by the painful learning curve and complexity of implementation. HubSpot provides a great integration solution which seamlessly connects the two platforms and consequently provide data on

  • Lead source

  • Lead email activity

  • Lead web visit history

  • Lead score

These together enable companies to create different intelligent and personalised workflows to nurture leads, instead of having the sales team reach out to them when they are still cold.

The integration provides a field-to-field relationship, which, after setup, will make the data handling seamless, and sometimes even better than SalesForce + Pardot, even when Pardot was part of SalesForce and considered as first party now.

If you need help with HubSpot and SalesForce integration, please contact us here

HubSpot, Magento, Wordpress, etc.

It's a pretty common scenario (we've seen a lot) that a company has already picked their CMS (content management system, where your website is hosted and developed on) before moving to HubSpot. In most cases, it's both unreasonable and insensible to migrate the existing website(s) to HubSpot.

HubSpot, over the years, learnt this, and now provides a good integration with various CMS, with proper integration, companies will be able to acquire similar level of reporting while still being on their current CMS. This preserves the hard work they've previously put into designing and developing the website, allows more sophisticated and complicated functionalities that aren't accommodated by HubSpot, but at the same time provides the unified metrics to measure marketing and sales success.

HubSpot In The Foreseeable Future

It's unlikely that HubSpot will go back to their old ways and trying to be the end-all-and-be-all platform, their strategy is currently set on being that central hub that provides the possibility of measuring everything by one standard, so businesses can find out what the real pain points are, despite their initial speculations.

If you wanna find out how to use HubSpot for your business strategy and growth, please contact us here.

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