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  • Gwen Payne

How Disabled Young Adults Can Have a Successful Career in Business

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

With this cultural shift towards inclusivity, there are now more opportunities than ever for young adults with disabilities to join the workforce. If you are disabled and have dreamed of making a splash in the business world, begin by following these simple steps.

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Pursue Higher Education

Often, the most successful business careers start with proper education. However, there's such a variety of specialties that you may be wondering what degree you should pursue. If you're looking for the most lucrative opportunities, you'll want to select a career that is in-demand and high-paying. Some of the most profitable majors today include:

● A bachelor's in marketing

● A bachelor's in management information systems

● A master's in finance

● A master's in business administration

Depending on your end goal, a master's degree can give you the upper hand and open up more doors for you. See what business major appeals to you the most and then decide which level of education would be the most beneficial.

Choose the Right School for You

Many schools offer primarily in-person classes, but online schools have grown in popularity. Now, it's possible to get the same accredited degree from the comfort of your own home. Online education adds a great deal of flexibility for students, allowing people to obtain a degree without having to sacrifice part-time work or family obligations. This option also works best for those who do not have easy access to a standard school, such as those with disabilities or those who need a more affordable form of education.

Seek Out Internships

Internships can be incredibly useful experiences for college students. They can be used to bolster your resume, helping you stand out to future employees who prefer to hire applicants with some prior experience. More important than that, though, is your personal experience. You can test the waters yourself and develop the appropriate skills in real-time. Often, internships are what help students decide whether their career choice is right for them.

Take Advantage of Your Opportunities Post-Graduation

There are actually many benefits for businesses to hire people with disabilities, including diversification, increased profit margins, a boost in company culture, and access to specialized tax breaks. Companies that are looking to tap into these performance-boosting options may see you as a stand-out candidate when you apply.

Many business majors would rather become their own boss, though. If you are disabled and looking to form your own business, there are many government programs to help you get going. On the federal level, the Ticket to Work program is specifically designed to assist disabled people in rejoining the workforce and starting their own businesses. Additionally, the Small Business Administration can provide you access to a directory composed of programs and how-tos designed to help disabled entrepreneurs. There may be additional incentives depending on what state you reside in, so be sure to check out your local organizations.

Don't be discouraged if the process of starting your career occasionally feels overwhelming. Just remember that there is a wide market for disabled people, and taking things step by step helps ease your way into the business world. Choose the right degree for your interests, land your first internship, and seize those specialized opportunities after graduation to make the most of your entrepreneurial spirit.

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