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4 Most Important Email Workflows For E-Commerce

As an e-commerce business, the sales cycles are usually very short. The decision making process of the buyers are usually done within minutes, and sometimes by impulses. This being said, you'll be leaving money on the table if there isn't a well designed engaging or re-engaging process, by leveraging email campaigns. In this blog, we'll talk about the 4 main email workflows/campaigns that are typically utilised by successful online businesses (particularly e-commerce business) that have proven to generate results.

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Welcome Email Workflow

This is a fairly straightforward one, A Welcome Email Workflow usually an email welcoming potential buyers that have left their contact information, through newsletter, reminders, or simply account registration.

Needless to say this is a good opportunity to introduce your brand and highlight some of the hero products your e-commerce business has to offer. It's a fantastic way to re-engage with someone who might have already left your site and is in a decision making process. It provides both a good opportunity to candidly remind people that you are offering what they want to buy, and also a way to show your welcoming and helpful brand image.

Abandoned Browse Email Workflow

Abandoned Cart is something people hear often, but not necessarily Abandoned Browse. Abandoned Browse Email Workflow refers to the emails people will receive, after a set period of time, after they've browsed certain products on an (not necessarily) e-commerce website.

It's easy to understand why this is helpful, since in the traditional way of offline shopping, people usually bounce back and forth between different sellers who may carry the same product. More often than not, different sellers within the same shopping mall or community offer roughly the same price, with roughly the same post-sale services and warranties. In most cases, if price and services are not major differentiators, people will go for whichever one is the closest to them (usually the one he/she is currently at, or last visited).

With traditional ways of shopping, it's hard to expect sellers to send people to re-engages with buyers who might have already gone. But with email campaigns, it's much easier to implement and execute such strategy, with Abandoned Browse Email Workflow.

Abandoned Cart Email Workflow

This is now a pretty familiar term to a lot of people in marketing and sales. Abandoned Cart Email Workflow refers to emails people receive after they've put items in their shopping cart, the emails will contain said products that they wanted to purchase and have put in their carts.

Needless to say this is another email workflow that all e-commerce businesses should employ, and people have seem a 25-30% recovery rate (purchases generated from these emails) from these email workflows.

Post Purchase Email Workflow

People tend to buy from the same brand again, because of brand loyalty, familiarization with the process, ease of mind, credibility of the seller, etc.. The more one buys from your brand, the more likely he/she will do it again, and in the process build up his/her loyalty and your branding.

A Post Purchase Email Workflow is one or a series of emails customers receive after they've bought one or more products from a seller. These emails typically include warranty and service information, along with recommendations of other products, points or credits accumulated from previous purchases, etc..

This is a perfect opportunity to "upsell" your customers. Many CRM or email platform/technologies out there provide the capability or intelligently recommend products based on other people's buying behaviors (which products are usually purchased together; is one more likely to buy A after buying B, etc.). We can recommend a few based on your specific needs.

Combination of Workflows

Companies may choose to organically combine these email workflows to achieve certain results. For example, welcome email workflows can be combined with Abandoned Browse or Abandoned Car; Abandoned Cart can also include product recommendations based on big data, etc..

The point is, these workflows have proven to be effective in engaging and converting customers, and if you don't have them now, it's time to implement them.


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